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Subject: Re: POSIX threads

Author: Steven Edwards

Date: 18:33:40 07/06/05

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On July 06, 2005 at 13:53:12, Lance Perkins wrote:

>If your single-cpu is enough for all your testing as you claim, then good luck
>to you.

I don't rely on good luck as my 36 years of programming experience is sufficient
for my needs.

I said that a single CPU is sufficient given proper mutex usage.  Proof by
example: Symbolic's toolkit was designed for multithreading from the onset.  It
has only one nontrivial global variable: the thread descriptor/task status table
and it has a proper mutex guard.  When running, the program has from three to
twelve threads and has never had a thread fault or any other kind of fault that
showed up on a dual that didn't show up on a single.  Indeed, the thread related
code would be scored the highest using a functionality/fault metric ratio.

>I'm done here. We write more complex code than 10 lines of LISP.

I'd rather write ten new lines of Lisp with three bugs than to re-write 100K
lines of code that's been done a hundred times before.

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