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Subject: Glaurung 0.2.5j FRC

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 05:04:26 07/16/05

Hi all,

You will now find the source code for Glaurung 0.2.5j FRC on my Glaurung and
Scatha page:

This is a new beta version which is supposed to be compatible with the new
Shredder GUI (it will not work in Arena). Because I don't run Windows, I haven't
been able to test it. It is therefore possible that it does not work at all. I
would appreciate if somebody could compile a Windows executable and give it a
try in the Shredder GUI.

The updated FRC code is not the only news. Glaurung 0.2.5j FRC also contains
some new, really weird and poorly tested additions to the search. The new
version could be 100 points Elo points weaker or 50 Elo points stronger than
0.2.4. The former is much more likely than the latter, but the latter is not at
all impossible. If somebody wants to run some tests (FRC or normal chess) with
0.2.5j, I would be happy to see the results. It is definitely not ready for use
in serious tournaments, though.


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