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Subject: Re: WAC 230 and Alexander Szabo's refutation revisted

Author: Miguel A. Ballicora

Date: 14:53:27 08/01/05

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On August 01, 2005 at 15:27:44, Dann Corbit wrote:

>Having way too much time on my hands as usual, I thought I would revisit Alex
>Szabo's refutation of WAC 230.  Some strange things happened with 10 hours of
>analysis using 500 MB hash on 2.2 GHz AMD 64 bit machine:
>"Win at Chess" #230 main line (after 1... Rxb4) according to Alexander Szabo:
>2. cxb4 a4 3. b5+ Kxb5 4. Ba3 c3 5. Re2! Kc4 6. f4 Kxd4 7. f5 exf5
>8. e6 Kd3 9. e7 Bd7 10. Kf3 d4 11. Rh2 Kc4 12. Rh8 b2 13. Rb8 d3
>14. Bxb2 cxb2 15. Rxb2 a3 16. Rb7 Be8 17. Ra7 Kb3 18. Ke3 a2
>19. Kxd3 Kb2 20. Rb7+ Kc1 21. Ra7 =

I never had the time to do a full analysis, but I still believe that black wins
anyway. However, if I remember correctly, I thought that is much better the
profilactic move 6.... Bd7 rather than Kxd4. There is no rush to take the pawn.
After f5, Black can try either exf5 or maybe Be8!? but all this require


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