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Subject: Re: Stop whining and vote with your pocketbook + 2 suggestions

Author: Lawrence S. Tamarkin

Date: 13:17:55 02/22/99

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I'm affraid that the surly crowd is always there, waiting quietly in the
backround, no matter what.  That surly crowd can curse you, but also they are
your best supporters. So companies know their audience, and I immagine, live
with their opinions.

I'm not going to get all caught up in complaining about the higher cost of
Hiarcs, (or other programs), but neither do I see it wrong in asking why that is
so.  And I resent the poster(s), who imply that it is whining to discuss price
on as an important facter in selecting one's chess programs.  This is ON TOPIC,
(within the charter of the Computer Chess Club, as I understand it), and this is
the Computer Chess Club, is it not?

I bought Bookup8 and Hiarcs 2.1 a few years ago when this business of companies
claiming 'My program can Kick your program in the but' advertising was just
starting, and I have bought into this like the Software addict! that I am.  But
even a chess software addict! such as myself can resist the temptation to get
EVERY SINGLE DIFFERENT ONE (and upgrades), when there is so much competition for
my strained buck...

mrslug - the inkompetent chess software addict!

On February 22, 1999 at 14:41:54, Dann Corbit wrote:

>Setting a price for a product is simply a solution to a differential equation.
>The original author wants to maximize profit.  If he can double the price and
>sell half as many, he will probably be money ahead because of reduced technical
>Personally, I like Hiarcs 7 a lot.  The EPD processing is important for me, so
>perhaps my needs are different than others.
>Suggestions for EPD:
>1.  Have it always produce the same report as when bm is specified (all fields)
>2.  Have a mode to 'keep looking' even after the solution is found.
>At any rate, the choice of a price is a business decision.  This thread is
>rather funny in a way.  A while back Ed cut the price of Rebel 10 in half.  A
>LYNCH MOB FORMED, CALLING FOR HIS HEAD ON A STICK.  Now, here is someone who did
>not cut the price and a surly crowd is forming.
>I guess you can't please everybody.

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