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Subject: Re: Zappa Retail: No UCI?

Author: Sandro Necchi

Date: 10:53:23 09/04/05

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I think that UCI support is a MUST today.

Most of the people that buy chess engines today like to make tourney between
engines and they have only one computer, so a different GUI without UCI support
will not be interesting to them as they cannot use the engine as they want.

UCI support allows to make those tournaments it under UCI interface or
ChessBase; the most used interfaces.

A few people will buy it only to play against it as they believe there are
already too many programs strong enough.

Of course Anthony can do whatever he wants, but this is reality.

I do not care as I own 2 computers, but how many do it?

Of course this only if you want to sell as many as you want. If you want to sell
some than you can forget UCI support.

I will add also that auto232 support is a must today. ChessMaster does not and I
did not buy it nor I would for any program that does not. No matter how strong
it is.
I believe many players do think the same.



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