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Subject: Re: Zappa Retail: No UCI?

Author: Thomas Mayer

Date: 06:01:59 09/05/05

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Hi Sandro,

> I will add also that auto232 support is a must today. ChessMaster does not
> and I did not buy it nor I would for any program that does not. No matter
> how strong it is.
> I believe many players do think the same.

well, the question is how many. Think about Fritz: Not so long ago there was the
discussion that they will skip multi-engine support, UCI support etc. BECAUSE
most of the support questions are about this topic whereas the huge majority is
not even aware that more engines then Fritz exists at all.
And you should not forget that YOUR usage of chess software is fully different
of that of the majority. I am very sure that ChessMaster has no problem with
there sellings. WITHOUT UCI-Engine, WITHOUT UCI-Support and of course without
Auto232... So what's your point, I wonder ? My point is: We all here at CCC are
definitely thinking that we are way more important then we are in reality. I
definitely include myself in that.

Greets, Thomas

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