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Subject: Re: Zappa Retail: No UCI?

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 13:48:47 09/04/05

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On September 04, 2005 at 15:46:59, Wolfgang Battig wrote:
>i don't think this to be true. and it is not only Fritz-gui. many people use
>Arena (free and really good) or Shredder-classic by SMK. so we have enough good
>GUIs and there is no real need to have another one.

IMO the good thing with UCI is, that THE USER can decide which GUI he chooses.

e.g. i do like stefans classic GUI very much because it is intuitiv and very
easy to use, while the chessbase gui's are not really standard windows .
For my USB stick i do use ARENA.
so i do use all 3 gui's. and i know the advantages and disadvantages.

I am - on the other hand - not against NEW gui's. I am looking forward to
Vincents new GUI. I hope it will also have advantages relativ to the other 3
GUI's i am used to.

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