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Subject: Re: Multi-Fritz with Boss versus IM R. Vasquez

Author: Ingo Althofer

Date: 02:34:09 03/10/99

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On March 09, 1999 at 22:43:36, blass uri wrote:

>On March 09, 1999 at 19:00:34, Ingo Althofer wrote:
>>In Santiago a match on four games is played between IM Rodrigo Vasquez (Elo
>>2433, number two in Chile, after IGM Morovic) and a man-machine-combination
>>consisting of Fritz 5 (16 bit version) and this reporter. In this combination
>>Fritz is run in some k-best mode (typically k = 2 or 3 ), and the human (=me)

Most of the following comments by Blass Uri are right.

>I think that Fritz may miss a third move when you use 2-best mode because Fritz
>is slower with the 2-best mode.

In some situations this will indeed be the case.

>I think that a better idea is to use the 1-best mode and only if you do not >like the move of Fritz to use 2-best mode.

Make experiments and report your findings! I would be very interested in it.

>I think that it is a good idea to check if Fritz5 without help is better than
>the man-machine combination.

I am sure, Fritz is not.

>You can play a match between the man-combination and the original Fritz5 and >see if the man-machine combination can beat Fritz5 and if it has better results >than Fritz5 against other programs.

Such a match was proposed by German magazine "Computerschach and Spiele" one
year ago. I accepted the offer and made a concrete proposal for such a match.
Computerschach and Spiele did not react on my concrete offer.
(By the way: I would not play with Multi-Fritz and Boss against Fritz, but with
the system "list-triple-brain" (using several programs with k-best modes instead
of one only) - and I would expect a clear victory (6:2 or something like this).)
List-Triple-Brains are much stronger than Multi-X with Boss. However, Fernando
Villegas has "only" one PC in his home.

>If I had to prepare to the match when I am the man in the man-machine
>combination then I would try to do it because I want to be productive to the
>computer and I am afraid that without preperation I would be counter >productive.

This is a very good comment - and one of the things I learn here in Santiago
again (I learned it already before in events like AEGON 1996) that top level
chess without tough preparation is impossible in normal chess (things are
different in Shuffle Chess - see the 5:3-win of List-Triple-Brain over GM
Yusupov in 1997). Concretely, here in santiago it is/was nonsense to rely only
on ChessAssistant 3.0 (from end of 97) and on Fritz powerbook (also from end of

By the way, the preparation of Rodrigo Vasquez was to take my book "13 Jahre
3-Hirn" to his home for one night and to replay the games I had against other
masters and grandmasters.

The reason for not to prepare was that the match with IM Vasquez was not planned
months before - but was an immediate idea when we met at Fernandos dining table.
So, you will probably not see the best possible chess on side of Fritz and me
(things are different for Rodrigo) - but enjoy it as good entertainment. (Later
I will write what I learnt about "the" southamerican way of playing chess (I
mean the school of Granda-Zuniga and ...)).

Today game 3 will be played. (I will post the moves of game 2 later this day.)

Ingo Althofer.

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