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Subject: MVA/LVA sorting order

Author: JW de Kort

Date: 23:26:49 03/11/99

Hi chess friends,

I have a small basic question about MVA/LVA move ordering. I have come across
this methode a few time, but i'am not sure what it accectly means?

Does it mean to sort captures:

1. Acoording to the difference of the capturing piece and the captured piece


2. Sort all captures first using the piece value of the most valued captured
piece and as a second critrium use the value of the capturing piece.

e.g suposse we have the following possible captures: PxN, PxR, QxR

using methode 1: PxR, PxN, QxR
using methode 2: PxR, QxR, PxN

Wich one is MVA/LVA?

Thanks in advance

Jan Willem

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