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Subject: Re: For Chess Archivist.

Author: Carey

Date: 11:11:11 11/11/05

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On November 11, 2005 at 10:57:50, Joshua Shriver wrote:

>Sad to see you're having so much trouble. I'll keep you up to date if I find
>anything, I also like to collect engines/chess games.

If you go over to my current site, you can see what little has been acomplished.

There's a list of various programs and people we'd like to find.  It's not a
complete list, and it's not a firm list, either.  (Meaning I may change my mind
about what's important and worth looking for.)

I have not listed any of the programs that are somewhat expected.  I don't
pre-announce programs.  I wait until I have them and have permission to post.

If I had more web space, I'd also probably include the old versions of Crafty,
and a few more gnu chess programs, and whatever other shareware & pd chess
programs I could find.

>Confused about the OCR part though, who's OCR's what for whom?

OCR - Optical Character Recognition.

Some people only have old printed copies of their chess programs.  No electronic

Rather than retype the whole thing (which may be 50,000 lines or some such),
it's attractive to try and scan it and let the computer convert it to text.

Sounds great... And it sometimes works.

But sometimes... it's easier to just retype it by hand.

Still, in other cases, even with all the OCR errors, it can be easier to go that
way.  For example, small print.

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