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Subject: Re: For Chess Archivist.

Author: Joshua Shriver

Date: 12:08:12 11/11/05

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I've done some OCR in the past, nifty technology. Didnt know if there was a
specific project that was going on. I'd be willing to OCR some code if someone
needed the help. I can let the computer burn away the scanner while I'm coding
on the weekends :)


>Some people only have old printed copies of their chess programs.  No electronic
>Rather than retype the whole thing (which may be 50,000 lines or some such),
>it's attractive to try and scan it and let the computer convert it to text.
>Sounds great... And it sometimes works.
>But sometimes... it's easier to just retype it by hand.
>Still, in other cases, even with all the OCR errors, it can be easier to go that
>way.  For example, small print.

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