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Subject: Re: Rybka 1.0 Questions

Author: Otello Gnaramori

Date: 03:05:56 12/05/05

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On December 05, 2005 at 05:39:18, Eduard Nemeth wrote:

>Hello Vasik !
>1. Do You speak german?
>I am very interest to have Rybka and I need the engine Purchase (german: kaufen)
>and then testing (in January I will have an fast computer).
>2. Question: How will be the Copy protection (Kopierschutz) ?

No copy protection is foreseen...just read more carefully his post:

The first commercial release will be as plain as can be - Rybka 1.0 standalone
UCI engine, no GUI, no book, no copy protection, no engine capability not
currently specified in the UCI protocol. The price will be 34 Euro. The original
target date was Dec 16, but thanks to the incredible speed of the CEGT team this
has been moved up to ASAP :) Additional announcements are


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