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Subject: Re: Rybka 1.0 Questions

Author: Eduard Nemeth

Date: 03:16:43 12/05/05

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On December 05, 2005 at 06:05:56, Otello Gnaramori wrote:

>On December 05, 2005 at 05:39:18, Eduard Nemeth wrote:
>>Hello Vasik !
>>1. Do You speak german?
>>I am very interest to have Rybka and I need the engine Purchase (german: kaufen)
>>and then testing (in January I will have an fast computer).
>>2. Question: How will be the Copy protection (Kopierschutz) ?
>No copy protection is foreseen...just read more carefully his post:
>The first commercial release will be as plain as can be - Rybka 1.0 standalone
>UCI engine, no GUI, no book, no copy protection, no engine capability not
>currently specified in the UCI protocol. The price will be 34 Euro. The original
>target date was Dec 16, but thanks to the incredible speed of the CEGT team this
>has been moved up to ASAP :) Additional announcements are

Thanks You for this Info. Very nice. I will purchase Rybka UCI (I seems that the
programmer come from germany, see his Profile).

I was on playchess today (Morning german time) and I see two games of Rybka.
Strong games.

After Download I have testing Rybka with my Testset, and in my Opinion Rybka
will be a very strong Chess programm!


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