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Subject: Re: one example for the best program in the world (diagram)

Author: Michael Neish

Date: 05:29:31 12/05/05

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>  15	03:08	  13.826.767	75.556	-0,02	Sd5 cd5: ed5: h3 gh3: Sf4 Lf4: ef4: Tfe1
>  16	07:16	  30.990.543	72.747	-0,10	Sd5 cd5: ed5: h3 gh3: Sd7 d6 Dc6 Lc4 Lb7
>  17	13:27	  58.298.945	73.983	-0,03	Sd5 cd5: ed5: h3 gh3: Sd7 d6 Dc6 Lc4 Lb7
>Thx for this marvellous program. I have waited for such a chessprogram
>my whole lifetime. I hope i can support the author with all my abilitys.

From the score it doesn't look all that convincing though, if, as Christiansen
says, it's the only move.  Couldn't it have just been fortuitious?



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