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Subject: Re: one example for the best program in the world (diagram)

Author: Thomas Lagershausen

Date: 06:38:45 12/05/05

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On December 05, 2005 at 08:29:31, Michael Neish wrote:

>>  15	03:08	  13.826.767	75.556	-0,02	Sd5 cd5: ed5: h3 gh3: Sf4 Lf4: ef4: Tfe1
>>  16	07:16	  30.990.543	72.747	-0,10	Sd5 cd5: ed5: h3 gh3: Sd7 d6 Dc6 Lc4 Lb7
>>  17	13:27	  58.298.945	73.983	-0,03	Sd5 cd5: ed5: h3 gh3: Sd7 d6 Dc6 Lc4 Lb7
>>Thx for this marvellous program. I have waited for such a chessprogram
>>my whole lifetime. I hope i can support the author with all my abilitys.
>From the score it doesn't look all that convincing though, if, as Christiansen
>says, it's the only move.  Couldn't it have just been fortuitious?

Only move means that other moves are much weaker.This means not that the
position is much better for white. I think that the evaluation of Rybka is much,
much better than any other evaluation of other engines.


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