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Subject: Re: The Code for the Rybka-Mate-Bug

Author: enrico carrisco

Date: 10:47:58 12/13/05

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On December 13, 2005 at 12:27:31, Chrilly Donninger wrote:

>On December 13, 2005 at 11:53:28, enrico carrisco wrote:
>>On December 13, 2005 at 09:38:12, Chrilly Donninger wrote:
>>>On December 13, 2005 at 09:22:03, Eduard Nemeth wrote:
>>>>Hello Chrilly,
>>>>thanks for your serching. Nice.
>>>>But please search in the code of Fritz 9, I seems Fritz 9 have now 1000 Bugs
>>>>(not only 100) ! :-))
>>>Who on earth is Fritz? Nobody would be interested if I would post a bug of this
>>>noname programme. I was also not asked by the Hydra-sponsor about Fritz. He
>>>wanted to know whats special about Rybka. So I have to find out. So far the only
>>>special thing I found is the mate-bug.
>>>Probably you are right: The secret of Rybka (and Fruit) is the low bugs/second
>>>count. Thats a much more interesting figure than the Nodes/Sec.
>>I find it odd that Rybka's PV and nps are short and nps seems to be manipulated
>>-- either that or sometimes its eval time varies dramatically.
>>Maybe it gets its PV from the hash and does not hash in the Q search?
>I do not know. Maybe the Rybka team can/want to answer this questions. Generally
>I am the wrong person to answer Rybka-Inside questions.


It was more speculation than anything.  I highly doubt Vasik will be interested
in discussing the particulars of why his nps appears to be manipulated, etc.

I am, however, more curious than anything.  I have little doubt that his work is
not genuine in its final form.  If I had to speculate further, I would say its
origins probably have more in common with Crafty than anything else (e.g., base
ideas from -- not clone of course.)  I think a lot of the .EXE size is made up
from bitboards precomputed and pattern recognition bitboards for its knowledge.

As we have all seen stated earlier, most programs have ideas from others in them
and it's clear Rybka has some first class chess knowledge and that coupled with
a good search has given it a possible first place among the micros.



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