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Subject: Re: Secrets of Rybka and Fruit from my point of view

Author: Zappa

Date: 07:48:10 12/16/05

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On December 16, 2005 at 06:46:02, Ryan B. wrote:

>On December 16, 2005 at 05:03:13, Claude Le Page wrote:
>>All this is quite interesting , but would it be possible to extend your analysis
>>to TogaII 1.1 ( I emphasize 1.1 since it seems to have been a huge change , both
>>of strength and style , between 1.0 and 1.1 ) ?
>>I made a set of thematic tournaments , drawn from my corr. games with
>>TogaII 1.1a
>>Rybka 1.0 Beta 32 bits
>>GambitFruit 4bx
>>On 5 tournaments , I get :
>>1 Toga 28,5/50
>>2-3 Shredder and Fritz 27,5/50
>>4-5 Rybka and Junior 23/50
>>6 Gambit Fruit 20,5 / 50
>>So TogaII 1.1a must not be forgotten !!
>Its just Fruit with some changes.  Most of them help mostly at blitz time
>control.  One interesting test is to analyze with Toga 1.1 and with Fruit 2.2
>and notice that Toga reaches a higher depth early on yet if you wait long enough
>Fruit not only catches up to Toga but passes Toga in search depth.  The blitz
>results by Toga are impressive though.

Ryan is of course correct.  Toga basically plays the same as Fruit except for
its extended history pruning, which only works in blitz.


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