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Subject: Re: Secrets of Rybka and Fruit from my point of view

Author: Claude Le Page

Date: 08:11:31 12/16/05

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I omitted to say that my tests were made in 15'+ 10" , what is "rapid" , but not
so much a blitz
Now , the cut was not between Fruit 2.1 and Toga 1.0 , but between TogaII 1.0
and Toga II 1.1 , with a complete change of style as if Hiarcs had been
converted in Junior ; moreover speed has been much increased : it needs much
less time to go to depth 20 in infinite analysis : now it is about as fast as
So the change must have been much deeper
But TogaII is Open-Source , so it would be easy to see what changes were made
between 1.0 and 1.1

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