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Subject: Re: Corr Game 3: Hydra Scylla vs. Nickel, Arno 1/2 (PGN

Author: Chrilly Donninger

Date: 08:50:06 12/16/05

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>Are now the Computer Chess Programs strong like corr chess GMs? I seems YES!

I think in general strong Correspondence GMs like Arno Nickel are still better.
But we do our best to catch up. I have made the evaluation aggressive to
increase the tactical complications. This works quite well in tournaments but
not in correspondence chess.
Rybka will also help in this process, because there is now a sparring partner
available who plays different to the rest. There is now less imbreeding (I hope
that Rybka stays different).

Rybka sparring: I had yesterday a funny match with 2 underpromotions in 1 game.
I always thought that underpromotion happens only in studies, but not in real
games. I was considering in the past to remove underpromotions within the search
and allow it just on the root. But its obviously not a good idea. One can not
only learn from the strong but also from the bad features of others.


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