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Subject: Re: My thoughts on these positions for what it's worth.

Author: Graham Banks

Date: 20:52:45 12/22/05

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On December 22, 2005 at 23:30:46, Heinz van Kempen wrote:

>On December 22, 2005 at 22:54:42, Harry Schnapp wrote:
>>On December 22, 2005 at 21:11:01, Graham Banks wrote:
>>>Before you look at my brief assesment of each position, please be aware that I'm
>>>not being critical of Harry here.
>>>Every book, professional or amateur, has some dubious lines.
>>    Shredder 9 gives FOR EACH LINE under +-1 !!!.
>>    NOT ONE EXAMPLE is proper for imbalance!!!.
>>    It's computerchess eng-eng not always Anand vs.Kramnik or
>>    Leko vs. Adams.
>>    More does not give to commentate it.
>>      Harry.
>Hi Harry,
>I tested the positions again. Highest value was +0.59 after Shredder 9
>calculating for a few minutes. Show me another test suite or book that gives so
>balanced lines. For Nunn positions Robert Allgeuer made some investigations sent
>to me by email that they are not all balanced, some give a score of more than
>70% to White or Black overall. Nommen Suite also has known weaknesses. I played
>many thousand games with all of them and I am happy to have found a better
>alternative now.
>Best Regards

Hello Heinz,

I have already stated to Harry and others (as you're aware)that his small book
and test suite are the fairest I've used to date.

I've also stated that there is no book, either commercial or otherwise, that
does not have dubious lines.
Others may or may not agree with my thoughts on those positions posted. It would
be good to get other opinions.

I stand by my assertion that ideally, the evaluation for each side coming out of
the opening should be no higher than 0.50
Again it would be good to get some opinions on this also.

My intent is not to enter into an argument with you or to offend Harry, so I
will make no further comments on this.
I do look forward to reading the opinion of others though.

Regards, Graham.

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