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Subject: Re: Quiet from Vasik...

Author: Roger Brown

Date: 09:46:15 03/07/06

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On March 07, 2006 at 12:17:26, stuart taylor wrote:

>>Nor did Kasparov! (we lost him too!).

>This forum tollerates almost anyone, except for the greatest chessplayer of all
>time, and the programmer of the greatest chess program to date.
>This is not a forum for too much to do with chess, or computer chess.
>True init!

Hello Stuart,

You posted this before and I asked politely when had Kasparov been rejected.

I ask again, can you provide a link, please?  I am not prepared to believe it
because you assert it to be so.

As for your message generally, I cannot believe that you are saying that if the
greatest (your words, not mine) do not post here that invalidates the basis of
this Forum.

Aren't your posts about computer chess?



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