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Subject: Re: Quiet from Vasik...

Author: stuart taylor

Date: 10:56:50 03/07/06

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On March 07, 2006 at 12:46:15, Roger Brown wrote:

>On March 07, 2006 at 12:17:26, stuart taylor wrote:
>>>Nor did Kasparov! (we lost him too!).
>>This forum tollerates almost anyone, except for the greatest chessplayer of all
>>time, and the programmer of the greatest chess program to date.
>>This is not a forum for too much to do with chess, or computer chess.
>>True init!
>Hello Stuart,
>You posted this before and I asked politely when had Kasparov been rejected.
>I ask again, can you provide a link, please?  I am not prepared to believe it
>because you assert it to be so.

I assert it, but I don't say it without knowledge. You are right to ask for
I could provide this by forwarding e-mails to you. I would have to think if I'm
permitted to, but anyway, I'm very sorry that for the next 3 weeks I have
absolutely no time to fiddle about with this anyway. I can't be blamed for lack
of time. I mean, it will have to wait, IF I would forward you some e-mails. But
then, I can't do that to everyone anyway.

>As for your message generally, I cannot believe that you are saying that if the
>greatest (your words, not mine) do not post here that invalidates the basis of
>this Forum.
>Aren't your posts about computer chess?

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