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Subject: Re: Best Gambit engine?

Author: Per Jørgensen

Date: 10:09:49 03/07/06

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On March 07, 2006 at 12:43:28, Dom Leste wrote:

>Being a fun of unbalanced and attacking chess i would like to know which engine
>these days are best with gambit style chess?

Hi Dom!

It's a very good question and it's hard to give a clear, straight answer. No
doubt, Rybka as the new topengine has got to be good in every aspect of chess
including playing gambits. I am still waiting for Rybka 1.1 to arrive and that's
why I haven't been testing Rybka. However, I have some information that might
interest you. I am doing my testwork and running a ratinglist on the basis of 10
fixed openingpositions (and the engines have no access to any openingbook). Each
engine is playing against all other engines with both white and black in each
fixed openingposition. These 10 fixed openingpositions are very different, some
closed, positional and some open and more tactical. One of these is King's
gambit. The engines have got to play this opening from this basicposition:
1.e4,e5 2.f4

I can tell you that most of these games are very entertaining and spectacular.
Which engine is the best to play the white pieces in this classic opening:

1. Hiarcs 10 (Hypermodern ON) 90%!!
2-3. Toga II 1.1a and surprisingly SmarThink 1.00 each 76,7%
4. Shredder 9 73,3%
5-6. Fruit 2.2.1 and Fritz 9 each 56,7%

In no other opening Hiarcs 10 has such a high winning-percentage with the white
pieces (the next best is Queens Indian with 80%).

When Rybka 1.1 hopefully soon will be released I am very curious to see if Rybka
can exceed this extraordinary white-score of Hiarcs 10 in King's gambit. Quiet
frankly, I doubt it but we'll see soon.


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