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Subject: Re: Dell computers

Author: John Hartmann

Date: 23:14:13 03/07/06

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Fernando (and others),

As is usually the case in situations like these, it all depends on what you want
and what you expect.

Dell makes cheap notebooks.  [Cheap doesn't always equal bad.  There are lemons
from every major manufacturer.]  The very low-end Dell notebooks -- the Inspiron
B120, etc -- will do just about everything you need so long as you're not doing
CAD work, graphics intensive gaming, and so forth.

The processor is plenty strong to power a modern chess program and crush 99.9%
of us.  And given that most people use computers to get onto the internet,
e-mail friends, and perhaps do a bit of writing, these low-end computers fit
that bill perfect.

People get so wrapped up in 'my computer is faster than yours' that they miss
this point.  We don't need all that speed for just about everything we do with
the computer.  [What we do need is more RAM, so whatever computer you buy, make
sure to load up on it.]  If you need more processing power, more graphics
capabilities, etc., then by all means, look at alternative suppliers and models.
 But it sounds like you just want a basic type of computer to take around with
you, and just about any new notebook today will serve that purpose well.

My 2 cents...

On March 06, 2006 at 21:31:47, Fernando Villegas wrote:

>I have been thinking in getting a new notebook. My current one -I have it as a
>reserve in case the big one get crushed- is an old 1998 Armada model, still
>running Windows 95. I scarcely use it, mainly in holidays when I go out of the
>city and use it to write. It is in fact a typing machine with some old chess
>programs for leisure between a chapter and the next. Nevertheless, although I
>could still keep it for ever, I think that could be good idea a Dell, as much
>any of them offer 10 times more capabilities for a miserable price.
>Now the question:
>How good are those low price Dell machines? Any of you with some experience
>please tell me.

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