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Subject: Re: CCC Moderator Voting Results Now Available...

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 12:58:37 06/24/99

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On June 24, 1999 at 09:26:49, Steven Schwartz wrote:

>The CCC Moderator election is now over and the results are as follows:
>1st - Bruce Moreland
>2nd - Fernando Villegas
>3rd - KarinsDad (KD)
>4th - Danniel Corbit
>5th - James Robertson
>6th - Harald Faber
>This means that Bruce, Fernando, and KD will be taking office on July 1st
>and Dann will be the alternate. I know that KD will be away until the 26th
>so he will not know his status until then. The term of office will end on
>January 31, 2000. Our current moderators will be in "office" through
>June 30th.
>My personal thoughts...
>Whether you agreed (or not) with the decisions of Will, Harold, and Peter,
>I hope that you understand the time and effort that they put into their
>"jobs" here on CCC. I do not think anyone can truly understand the
>difficulty of the moderator job in a forum of so many people with so
>many diverse opinions, cultures, and native languages (all, more or
>less, trying to speak English).
>As for our 6 nominees and 3 "Moderators Elect", I thank you for your
>willingness to stand before the firing squad WITHOUT a blindfold. I
>think that any of the 6 of you would have been a good choice, but
>someone had to "win".
>I await the inevitable CCC message board battles, and I am
>curious to see how Bruce, Fernando, and KD handle them since their
>views seem to be so different from each other. But, most interesting
>to me is the fact that the three of them represent the entire
>spectrum of opinions as to how conservative or liberal the
>moderation should be. Every member of CCC should have an ally in
>Congratulations (or condolences) to the winners.
>Again, thanks to the outgoing moderators!
>Regards, Steve (ICD/Your Move)

Did you mean that their term really ends 1/31/00?  (7 month term) or do they
end 12/31/99?  (6 month term)?


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