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Subject: Re: I resign the Post as Moderator.

Author: KarinsDad

Date: 17:46:40 07/22/99

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On July 22, 1999 at 20:14:38, Mark Young wrote:

>If the office is to much work, then don't run. The moderator position is an
>elected office and if only one moderator can delete and the other two have no
>say. This leads to choas, if Bruce is on "Duty" the post is deleted. If Fernando
>is on duty the post stands, as this is what he ran on and was elected to do.
>Then I guess when Bruce comes back on "Duty" he can now chose to delete the
>post. You don't see a problem with this. It basically undercuts Fernando as
>being a moderator and representing the people that voted for his way of


I have a few things to say and then I will be quiet.

Having different moderator stances amongst the moderators is a problem. We vote
our conscious (or possibly for the most popular people) and then expect them to
resolve all problems for us.

This does not happen in the real world.

However, what does happen is that each of the moderators does the best they can.
Sometimes that leads to deletions, sometimes that leads to posts to please knock
it off, sometimes that leads to nothing being done at all. And the same post
could lead to different actions from the same moderator based on what he had for
breakfast that day and how he is feeling. That's life.

When you have 3 moderators, the chances of having different points of view are
expanded beyond one moderator. That is also life.

When I ran for moderator, I said that only one moderator is needed to decide to
delete a post. Bruce said the same thing. I do not recall what the other
candidates said (except Dann who also said this), but I am not willing to change
my position on this. If you want to vote in someone who wants to make phone
calls around the world or write Emails at 3AM in the morning or else leave
obnoxious posts hanging around for 8 to 12 hours in the future, that is your
privilege. To me, this is silly, but it is your privilege.

But for now (being the fascist dictator that I am), this is not going to happen.
Please join the real world.

The reason that having one moderator with the power to delete a post at any time
does not lead to chaos is that all of the moderators have (in my opinion) been
basically reasonable people. Mostly, it has been a few select individuals who
have not been reasonable (and were not the moderators) that have made mountains
out of molehills in the past.

And quite frankly, it is bothersome for people to jump on the anti-moderator,
why don't you quit, you shouldn't have run, bandwagon everytime there is a
problem. If you cannot understand the amount of effort, both time and mentally,
that moderators make in order to attempt to keep a majority of people happy and
to attempt to keep things running smoothly, maybe YOU should run for moderator
next time. It is not a REAL difficult job, but it is EXTREMELY time consumming
and relatively thankless when people such as yourself post messages like this.

Having said that, I will get off of my soap box.

KarinsDad :)

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