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Subject: Re: I resign the Post as Moderator.

Author: Mark Young

Date: 17:14:38 07/22/99

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On July 22, 1999 at 19:57:24, Andrew Williams wrote:

>On July 22, 1999 at 19:28:18, Mark Young wrote:
>>On July 22, 1999 at 13:46:02, Fernando Villegas wrote:
>>>Due to severe and unsurpassable differences between me and Bruce Moreland
>>>concerning the moderation issue, I publicaly announce my resignation to the
>>>post. The reasons: when I was candidate to be moderator, I already stated -as I
>>>already have done in several post- that i was not inclined to deletions, neither
>>>to warn people because "off topic" posts. That has always seemed to me childish,
>>>silly, narrow minded. I already gave my reasons to tolerate that kind of off
>>>topic post, so I will not repeat here my ideas about that. Now I am myself
>>>victim of a deletion because of a joke that Bruce consider is only worthy to be
>>>in the wall of my bathroom. I do not know what kind of things Bruce has seen in
>>>his or another walls, by probably he has not seen the joke i wrote here. It is
>>>the kind of thing you can lesson in any table after dinner. Not the great thing.
>>>For the same token, the sheer fact that Bruce was upset by that or he thought
>>>somebody was going to be is something laughable for me, in the very fringe of
>>>paronia. But nevertheless maybe he is right and almost all people here share his
>>>point of view. I got the second higher number of votes in the election, but
>>>maybe it was just a case of statistical error. Maybe it is me who is out of
>>>place here, anyway. Maybe this is, like some british programmer warned me to be,
>>>a place just for robots, not for human beings. Or in any case is like the robots
>>>rule the site and the rest must comply or be deleted, warned and treated like
>>>I have nothing againts Bruce as a person, surely he is a nice guy and a
>>>respected professional in his area, but I do have something against some of his
>>>ideas about how to moderate this site and clearly he feel the same about me. So
>>>why I resign instead of him or a long disputation about this issue? Well,
>>>because this things cares the less to me. I do not get a life reading, posting
>>>or moderating here. Asd Ingo Althofer, the german mathematician saw with his
>>>eyes when in my country and my home, I am not precisely a deprived man looking
>>>for a place where to get a life. So I think this, my resignation,  is the best
>>>things to all and as much there is a replacement for me, nothing will be
>>>damaged, all the contrary.
>>>I post this not because I want to begin a war or make a melodramatic sortie,
>>>because I suppose I will stay reading and posting here from time to time if
>>>Bruce graciously abide to that, but I do it just to warn you not to consider me
>>>responsible of any actions taken in the goverment of this site from now on.
>>I never did understand the moderation representation on CCC. We vote for three
>>moderators, but instead of having two of the three moderators agreeing to delete
>>a post, we have three three kings that do as they will when they see a post they
>>think should be deleted. This approach kills the representation of the mass of
>>CCC. Not a very logical way to represent the voters.
>>Under the circumstances of how the moderators represent the voters I understand
>>and agree with your reasons for resigning. As it stands now if one moderator can
>>delete posts at will without the consent of at least one other moderator, this
>>leave you unable to represent your position and view as moderator that you ran
>>and were elected on by the voters of CCC to represent.
>I think this would double the amount of effort required by the moderators.
>Instead of just one being "on duty" at a given time, it would need two. If one
>moderator has to contact the other two every time an unacceptable post appears,
>the post could cause *chaos* here before it is dealt with. If there's no
>question about relevance (ie a dirty joke, or indeed any joke that has nothing
>to do with computer chess), I'm happy for the moderator on duty to get rid of
>it. I think it is unfortunate if moderators start posting off-topic stuff here
>(and yes I am sensitive to the fact that not everyone agrees with me about what
>is on- and off-topic), but I don't think that any of us wants dirty jokes to be
>considered on-topic in this forum. Moderation is an onerous and difficult and
>thankless task. Let's none of us make it any harder than it obviously is.
>Andrew Williams

If the office is to much work, then don't run. The moderator position is an
elected office and if only one moderator can delete and the other two have no
say. This leads to choas, if Bruce is on "Duty" the post is deleted. If Fernando
is on duty the post stands, as this is what he ran on and was elected to do.
Then I guess when Bruce comes back on "Duty" he can now chose to delete the
post. You don't see a problem with this. It basically undercuts Fernando as
being a moderator and representing the people that voted for his way of

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