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Subject: Re: Oh my God, what is this??

Author: jonathon smith

Date: 13:13:51 07/23/99

Go up one level in this thread

On July 23, 1999 at 15:45:15, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On July 23, 1999 at 15:25:03, Bo Persson wrote:
>>I'm obviously in the wrong time zone...
>>When I get here today, the longest thread is about who is moderating the
>>moderators. Unbelievable! Have you ever seen such a meta discussion before??
>>If I say some thing indescent ("intercourse"), can I have all of this thread
>>deleted so we can get back to computer chess, please?
>>Now that we've obviously lost both r.g.c.c and ccc, where do we continue ?
>This will blow over and we'll be back to normal eventually.  That's the way it
>works here.  In r.g.c.c. it never blows over.

Which is where you are wrong.

Your normal is a kind of binary insanity.

Into which reality keeps poking its annoying head.

Attempts to make binary on-topic. And scales of grey, and heaven forbid, colour,
off-topic, represent the rejection of life, done by those escaping from
personality and psychological defects. Or robots as they might be called.

Fernando represents enthusiasts who wish to use their hobby, computer chess, to
make relationships - whether about jazz, sex, Serbia, other peoples problems,
daughters, hospitality or anything you care to imagine.

Bruce represents a binary world, with if-then rules. Preferably as the CPU rule
management system. And without relationships. Other than with identical clones.

Blow over ? You think so ?


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