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Subject: Re: Oh my God, what is this??

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 13:37:37 07/23/99

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On July 23, 1999 at 16:13:51, jonathon smith wrote:
>Which is where you are wrong.
>Your normal is a kind of binary insanity.
>Into which reality keeps poking its annoying head.
Reality is a dirty joke? ;-)
Maybe that's why the pirates are scrambling over the wall.

>Attempts to make binary on-topic. And scales of grey, and heaven forbid, colour,
>off-topic, represent the rejection of life, done by those escaping from
>personality and psychological defects. Or robots as they might be called.
Anyone who does not want to tell or listen to dirty jokes in a computer chess
forum is a robot.  Because I say so.  Bzzzt.  Whirr... Click.

>Fernando represents enthusiasts who wish to use their hobby, computer chess, to
>make relationships - whether about jazz, sex, Serbia, other peoples problems,
>daughters, hospitality or anything you care to imagine.
It takes effort to do this in a way that is non-offensive and socially
responsible.  Why should anyone expend effort?

>Bruce represents a binary world, with if-then rules. Preferably as the CPU rule
>management system. And without relationships. Other than with identical clones.
You seem to know his world so well.  You must have walked a mile in his
mocassins.  Did you oil your knees as you walked?

>Blow over ? You think so ?
No.  Just quiet down a bit until the next time.  However, with free speach
having full reign on r.g.c.c. you don't have to wait until next time, in case
you would like a fascinating lecture from dr growl or to learn the latest
conspiracy rumor from sam.  Just hop on over to Usenet and enjoy.

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