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Subject: Re: Djordje's Paradox

Author: KarinsDad

Date: 14:27:31 07/23/99

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On July 23, 1999 at 17:03:54, Djordje Vidanovic wrote:

>Sorry.  Your comments, although detailed, helped me find out only two things:
>that I had misspelled 'immolation' and that you did the same with 'asterisk'.

Yeah, I hate that word. I almost always misspell it.

>Regarding the Charter, I was not able to see what 'within reason' should mean --
>whose reason should be the reason the Charter talks about?  The reason of one
>moderator (his voting body), or the reason of the other two moderators (another
>two thirds of the electorate)?  Because, you see, there were three different
>moderation policies represented by three moderators, and these should not, and,
>in my opinion, cannot be narrowed down to only one moderator and his (her) views
>on what is *within reason*.  Which is exactly what happened here.

Semantics on your part Djordje. Pure and simple. There are borderline posts that
some may find within reason on the topic of computer chess such as the FIDE

But a joke which contains elements of different positions of sexual intercourse
cannot within anyone's reasoning be considered on the topic of computer chess.

And quite frankly, I doubt very much that you or anyone else voted Fernando and
his moderation policy in on the assumption that on topic would include this. You
may have voted him in to be lenient about it, but do you really consider it to
be on topic?

So, I answered your original question of how the charter was violated and you
respond with who defines within reason. Quite frankly, the answer to that is
that the moderators decide.

In this particular case, do you consider the joke to be on topic?

Do you consider that reposting it does not violate the charter about the
moderator actions being final?

Please answer these two questions with a simple yes or no and try not to play
the semantics game. I know it is more fun, but it doesn't resolve anything.
Either the posts were inappropriate according to the charter or they were not.
Either reposting in Spanish was inappropriate according to the charter or it was
not. Which is it?

KarinsDad :)

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