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Subject: Re: Q: Nalimov EGTB?

Author: Eugene Nalimov

Date: 10:03:07 08/05/99

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On August 05, 1999 at 05:23:05, Dennis Breuker wrote:

>I haven't read CCC for a long time, and saw some reference to
>Nalimov's EGTB. My question is: what is so special about Nalimov's EGTB?
>Is it different from the "normal" ones like Edwards' and Thompson's?
>Dennis Breuker (

(1) I generated *full* set of 3+2 TBs; generator (hopefully) can handle all 4+1,
too, if somebody wants them.
(2) En passant is handled correctly.
(3) They are 2 times less than Edwards' when uncompressed, 8 times less when
compressed; and compressed format (unlike Thopson's) allows fast probing.
(4) TB format and probing code allows TB probing "in the tree", not only at the
(5) Source of probing code is available, so you can easily incorporate it into
your chess program. Some programmers had done that in ~2 hours.
(6) You can easily download generator itself, as well as all 3+3 TBs, from
(7) A lot of programs already support them, and more will be released this fall.


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