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Subject: SEE for forward pruning in the Q. search - I'm confused!

Author: Tom King

Date: 13:12:07 08/11/99

I must be missing something obvious with using SEE to prune
in the Q. search. If I understand right, "losing" captures
(according to the SEE) are pruned right out. But I fail to
see how this won't screw up big time.

Let's take an example. Now assume we have a white bishop on G5
and a black knight on F6, and the knight is protected by a pawn on G7.
Now the SEE might well assume that BxN is a loser (assuming that
the bishop is worth a fraction more than the knight), because
after BxN, gxB, white has lost a bishop for a knight. But it
might be that this is in fact a very good capture, because it
destroys black's kingside. And a program with the SEE Q. pruning
might not want to play this? Am I missing something obvious


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