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Subject: Bob - Question about Cray Blitz and Vector Processing

Author: William Bryant

Date: 15:31:47 08/13/99

  I have read in multiple posts your description of Cray Blitz and the use of
vectors to increase the evaluation function at little time cost.

  Now that microprocessors are adding vector processing units, and I am
specifically refering to the 128 bit AltiVec instructions being added to the
new G4 processors, does this have implications or application to chess
programming.  With an internal 128 bit vector processing unit (including a 128
bit internal bus to the L2 catch if I read correctly), could the evaluation of a
microcomputer chess program add some the more advanced features of evaluations
Cray Blitz's evaluation.

  If so, could you elaborate or provide a pointer in the right direction for
further investigation. In addition to the raw speed increases of the next
generation processors, it would be nice to use this increaces internal

  If I am missing the boat somewhere, let me know.  My background is not in
computer science.


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