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Subject: Measure of moveorder quality

Author: Ralf Elvsén

Date: 16:44:22 09/04/99

I was thinking of the number of positions one has to search
in the alpha-beta algoritm. With perfect moveordering the
number is roughly  n^(d/2)  , where n = number of moves
in a position and  d = search depth. I know this is a
simplification of the actual formula but it catches
the "essence" of it.

With the worst possible
moveordering it goes like n^d (same as mini-max).

We can summarize this qualitatively as

number of positions = n^(s*d) , where s = 1 for the worst case
and s = 0.5 for the best case.

Is there anyone out there who has a feel for the actual
value of s in the programs used today? This would be a measure
of the quality of the moveordering. I realize that most
programs have a more complicated search structure with null moves,
hash tables etc, but it would be interesting to see
some educated guesses.

	Thanks in advance, Ralf

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