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Subject: Mate solvers...

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 19:10:42 09/07/99

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Popeye is a mate solver.  It uses its own funky "popeye" language but it can do
lots of tricky stuff that other solvers cannot do having to do with fairy chess.
 It comes with source.

You can also get Jens Schweikhardt's mate solver at my ftp site.  It is much
easier to use.  The source is available.

There is a program called QMATE on the net that solves mates.  I have not played
with it much.  It also comes with source.

There is problematic by Don French (executable only).  It uses its own format.

There is Problemiste by Matthiew Leschemelle which can read EPD, but only if it
is white to move!  Executable only.

The best problem solver (hands down and by a landslide) is chest by Heiner
Marxen.  It is not publicly available.

None of the EPD solvers handle EPD records correctly, though Jens and Heiner's
tools don't require much work to get them entered, and Matthiew's will read
records for white to move.

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