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Subject: Re: Book learning

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 07:01:46 09/12/99

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On September 12, 1999 at 01:45:28, James Robertson wrote:

>My program currently book learns by storing the result of the game in each
>appropriate book record (it increases the move's score if it won, and lowers it
>if it loses).
>I just remembered someone mentioning something about how Crafty book learns
>based only on the score it got _leaving_ the book (regardless of the result). Is
>this true? Does it work better?
>Any help or comments on what your program does would be helpful.

Crafty does two kinds of 'book learning'.  Result learning sound just like what
you are doing.  If it loses a game, it won't play the last book move it played
ever again.  And this gets backed up several moves back as well to get it out
of bad lines quickly.

Normal book learning uses the first ten non-book moves (search results) to
determine the 'trend' of the game.  This trend score is then used to adjust
the book move that was played in this game...

Both are on by default...

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