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Subject: How do you represent chess boards in your chess programms

Author: Brian Nielsen

Date: 12:30:36 09/22/99


My name is Brian, i was thinking about writing a chess engine for fun.
I am pretty experienced programmer/developper(c++,delpie), but have not been
programming games, thoug i have made a packman clone a couple years ago.

I have done a little research myself to get the principles in making a chess
engine/program, and i think i now have basic understanding in how to(i hope :-))

i am curious in how you chessgame programmers represent the chessboard, I have
seen 4-5 different examples/ways in how to do it, how do you do it and why ??

Second how long time does it take to make a basic engine! from scratch
provided that i am a experienced programmer.

Best regards

Brian Nielsen

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