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Subject: Pawn promotion defense

Author: Scott Gasch

Date: 16:51:56 10/07/99


My engine has a real problem defending against pawn promotions.  The way it
works now I have a PSQT that makes advanced pawns more valuable.  I also do an
extension threatoning pawn advances (to the 6th or 7th row) in the middlegame
and endgame.

Bob had mentioned using a SEE on the pawn push to see if it is safe.  I also
think my eval shoud do a better job of identifying threat pawns and scoring them
appropriately.  Right now a pawn on the 7th rank gets a PSQT bonus for being far
advanced, another bonus for being passed...

How do people handle pawn promotion defense?  Every time I lose a game it is
because it messed this up.  Often it has the oppertunity to sack a knight or
something to kill the pest but it doesn;t do it because it doesn't see deep
enough to realize the pawn will definately queen in like 8 moves or whatever...

Thanks again,

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