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Subject: Re: PB-ON vs PB-OFF (final results)

Author: Ratko V Tomic

Date: 09:47:33 10/15/99

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I think in the second test you gave the non-pondering program too short time
given the high guess rate the pondering one would have. Namely if the pondering
program [Cp] has Tp time per move and the nonpondering one [Cn] has Tn time per
move, and if the guess rate is G (G=1 if Cp guesses 100% of Cn's moves), then a
fair play requiring same total thinking time per move implies:

  G*Tn + Tp = Tn

which means that for fair play you need time ratio:

  Tn/Tp = 1/(1-G).

If the guess rate is 50% (G=0.5) the Cn needs twice as much time allocated. But
with two Rebels, G is probably 80% or greater, so the Cn needs at least 5 times
more time per move than the Cp in a fair play. And as G approaches 100% the time
fair play time ratio goes to infinity.

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