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Subject: PB-ON vs PB-OFF (final results)

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 01:42:00 10/15/99

To enrich the discussion about the value of the "Permanent Brain" (PB) I
have started 2 experiments with Rebel Century (RC) which will give some
data for a better judgement of the value (in elo) of the permanent brain.

Thinking it all over I still believe that the best way to provide data is
to test the SAME program (PB_ON) versus (PB_OFF).


#1. Both programs are equal in strength.

#2. There is no single evidence (yet) that the % of predicted moves is
higher playing the same program. Rebel (or any other program) percentage
against Program_X might be 25% and against Program_Y 75% and against
itself maybe 50%, nobody knows.

The final result:

100 auto232 games
Time control: 60 secs average.
Hardware: 4xPII-266 + 2xPII-450
Result: 61-39

100 auto232 games
Time control: RC (PB=ON) 30 sec average
Time control: RC (PB=OFF) 60 sec average
Hardware: 4xPII-266 + 2xPII-450
Status: 57-43

I find the 57-43 result quite shocking. I expected (and hoped for) a close win
for the PB_ON version but not a clear victory.

I think it would be a wise thing if others are willing to do the same
experiment with other programs. Somehow I have the feeling you will
totally different results doing so.

Ed Schroder

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