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Subject: Nice Rotated-bitmaps Article by Hyatt in ICCA

Author: Tom Likens

Date: 09:54:57 02/07/00

Dr. Hyatt wrote an excellent article in the latest issue of ICCA on
how rotated bitmaps work.  He took an inherently difficult subject to
explain and make it fairly clear.  My only complaint is that instead
of labeling the eight possible directions plus1, minus1, plus7,
minus7 etc. I always liked the nomeclature NORTHWEST, NORTH,
NORTHEAST, etc. better as it seems slightly more clear to me
(obviously this is a VERY minor complaint).

The other nice feature of the article was the explanation of how
bitmaps are used in a chess program.  Worth getting if you are at
all interested in how rotated bitmaps work.  And in light of Crafty's
recent ICS tournament result, if you aren't interested then maybe
you should be :)

My one real complaint has nothing to do with the article though.
Apparently, the board of ICCA feels that chess is not interesting
enough to support an academic journal like ICCA so instead starting
with the next volume the name of the magazine will be changed to
Internation Computer Games Journal (ICGA).  The new journal will
focus on all computer games.  Chess will still be covered but
obviously to a much lesser extent.

To be honest I'm not sure I'm going to resubscribe (which is
too bad since I have ALL the old issues).


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