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Subject: Re: Question: Fail low at root and time management

Author: William Bryant

Date: 11:24:09 02/08/00

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On February 08, 2000 at 11:41:59, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>On February 08, 2000 at 10:09:27, William Bryant wrote:
>>I need some recomendations on handling time management when the program
>>fails low at the root near the end of the alloted search time.
>>(During game play, not during test suites)
>>How do people handle this?
>>Do you research the PV move at the lower window (which will return a
>>move and a score) and then stop?
>I re-search...  but then pay attention to the score.  If the score is more
>than a pawn lower than the last iteration, I use more time, up to 5x more
>time in fact.  Hoping that a different ply-1 move will eliminate this loss of

Thank you for the prompt response.  Let me see if I understand.

You fail low on the root pv move and stop the search, drop the aspiration window
and research the root pv move to get a new score.  _If_ this score is
within 1 pawn of the original score, you stop the search and accept this move.
_If_ the score drops more than 1 pawn, a potentially dangerous move, then you
need to try and find a new root pv move and will extend the search up to 5x more
in terms of time to find a new root pv move and to prevent playing a bad move
that will wreck the current position.

Now, with hopefully good move ordering, do you stop after the first non-pv move
is searched (f the score is good enough on the research), or do you need to
research all of the root moves at this point before determining the new pv move.


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