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Subject: Deep Blue news

Author: Jonathan Schaeffer

Date: 12:42:36 09/23/97

>  Chess chess whiz moves on to other pursuits


September 23 news item:


IBM's chess whiz moves on to other pursuits


YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. (AP) -- Great hobby, Deep Blue. Now get back to 


Having defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov, IBM has turned

 down his request for a man vs. machine rematch and assigned its 
chess-playing supercomputer, dubbed Deep Blue, to number-crunching 


``We've climbed Mount Everest, and now it's time to move on,'' IBM

 spokeswoman Melinda McMillan said Monday at the company's Watson

 Research Center.


Deep Blue, which had been programmed to examine 200 million chess

 moves per second, defeated Kasparov in May. A less sophisticated 

 lost to him in 1996. Last week, IBM turned down the human's bid for a

 third contest.


Kasparov's agent, Owen Williams, would not comment on Deep Blue's

 retirement from the world of bishops, rooks and pawns.


The computer will now be used to analyze data on finance, investment 


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