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Subject: Re: Let's analyze move 36

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 04:06:03 10/05/97

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On October 05, 1997 at 04:08:43, Amir Ban wrote:

>Let's try to analyze the critical variation in DB-GK game 2. The move is
>36 (axb5 was played, don't confuse it with move 37).
>The variation to look at is after 36. Qb6 Qe7 37. axb5 Rab8 38. Qxa6 e4
>39. Bxe4 Qe5. What does Black have here ?
>At ply (or whatever) 10, DB gives this PV:
>Qb6 Qe7 axb5 Rab8 Qxa6 e4 Bxe4 Qe5 Bf3 (at lower depths it tries g4) Bf3
>Rd8 Qa7 Qxc3 Bh5 +0.74.
>At ply 11, there is no PV and the eval is +0.48.
>This variation was mentioned by Seirawan in his analysis, and the GK
>team used Hiarc & Fritz to analyze it to death.
>Junior, by the way, likes an intermediate 37...a5, which creates the
>same position but with Ra2 misplaced.
>What do you make of this ?

I know it sounds a bit pathetic, but to make this easier, can somebody
post the PGN of game 2 ......



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