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Subject: A few comments about Mchess 8

Author: odell hall

Date: 19:34:20 04/19/00


  Has anyone besides noticed that Mchess has a very nice and entertaining
playing style? Although this program doesn't do very well against computers I
think that it would have a very high rating against humans. The reason why it is
probally not effective against computers is that it has a highly risky style.
Ofcourse such a risky style of play would provide alot of enjoyment as well many
victories against the human opponent. Personally I find Mchess to be in the
class of rebel, nimzo, and hiarcs6 when it comes to interesting playing style. I
hope that the programmer of this marvelous program does not end it with version
8 and decides to continue his work.  Mchess certainly deserves alot of respect
and along with rebel has a Proud record against human opponents.

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