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Subject: Re: WMCCC Hardware

Author: Mike Byrne

Date: 09:55:57 10/18/97

Go up one level in this thread

>Not suggesting a PC event at all. SOS has always run on Sun. DarkThought
>was born on Alpha. Let them bring their native machines with no penalty
>(I would even consider supporting them to make the competition fair).
>You make some case that Alpha is your natural environment. Fine. Bruce
>has a much weaker argument. Guys who bring Pentium 120 to Pentium 90
>events have no case at all and the ICCA should blast them, or at least
>make them pay something so that Hiarcs may also have a chance to compete
>once in a while.

when is the whining going to stop..... it seems that's it ok for
commecial programs to obtain hard to get configerations ....then some
fulltime hobbyists make the same effort to *max* out their program ..and
it's nothing but whining....if somebody wants to sponsor a level playing
field..great ..let's do it....but let's cut out the whining...please ...

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