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Subject: Re: Artificial Intelligence

Author: Dan Homan

Date: 11:49:43 01/26/98

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On January 26, 1998 at 14:14:51, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>On January 26, 1998 at 10:36:38, Dan Homan wrote:
>>Clearly something more than 'do it as well as a human' is required
>>for intelligence.  I'm not sure exactly what, but I outlined a few
>>things in my previous post.
>Never meant to imply that, because even one celled life forms eat.  And
>just as efficiently as we do.  It is the "do something that a human
>and which requires intelligence" that has been the guide words for AI
>many years...

That is just chasing your tail, because you never actually define
intelligence!  You just define artificial intelligence.  In that case
I will agree with you... with one requirement... You need to define
what "requires intelligence" means.  I think this is a very difficult
thing to do without first defining intelligence.

IMHO chess does not "require" intelligence any more than following a
recipie in a cook-book requires intelligence.  You can use intelligence
to cook or to play chess, but it is not required.  Intelligence is
more than simply following well laid out rules, but this is my opinion

An additional point... You suggested that because a monkey cannot
play chess then chess must require intelligence.  Here I must
disagree again.  A monkey has intelligence, just not the quantity or
quality to allow it to play chess.  A monkey can learn language, create
and use tools, and solve (relatively) complex and unfamiliar problems.
An alpha-beta algorithm can do none of these things.

Perhaps it is a better to scrap the term "Artificial Intelligence"
because it is misleading.  What you really mean in your above definition
is that these systems should do things "that humans traditionally use
intelligence to do well".  This is a far cry from "requires
intelligence" but captures your meaning (I think).  Perhaps a better
term would be "Artificial Analysis".  The term intelligence suggests
a whole host of abilities that these algorithms just don't have.

 - Dan

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