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Subject: If you like to solve a mate...

Author: leonid

Date: 03:47:28 02/09/01


If you like to solve a forced mate, you can try this position:

[D]1bqQBnRn/3N2Qb/Q1Q1N2np/1Q1Q1qpk/4Qqbn/2B1Qrnn/2Q5/K1R5 w - -

Please, indicate your result.

By curiosity I looked what is the NPS (nodes/second) for this position. Since
the number of moves, during the solution of mate went quit often up to 130 for
whites, NPS was more that impressive. If it could be the same all the time! On
It went up in around 60% as average. It is the same for your program? NPS depend
greatly on number of average moves existing in each ply?


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