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Subject: Question about EPD

Author: Aaron Tay

Date: 06:11:59 02/20/01

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On February 20, 2001 at 05:35:19, Joshua Lee wrote:

>This is a Good Idea ....How do i convert PGN or CB to EPD? I don't have a
>webpage nor have i ever made the time as i must be the most disorganized person
>on the planet. but what i can do is past the epd HERE once i am finished.

Hmm..Someone correct me but Isn't PGN for the whole game and EPD just for one
position?No idea about CB.. You could load them up one by one and then save it
in EPD using Winboard or perhaps some of the EPD readers like epd2diagram or

But i think as most of the test suites you want in EPD..

I wonder why do people like to do test suites in EPD? How well supported are
they by commerical programs?

>Not finished Covax 1,2,3 Endgame includes MES and ECE some ICMP, TYPP, Crafty,
>in General i put together Nolot, GS, BK, BT24,26,28, MATS,GMG positions and
>those aren't re run yet.maybe i should let these sit 10minutes or longer i am
>trying to weed out all that can be solved and then i will bring in other
>programs i have to try to solve the positions.

You could use excel to present the results if you use a couple of programs..You
tested with the Chessbase family of programs right?

>These are finished but i would like to re run them longer than 3minutes on my
>800Mhz Athlon.... AEMIS 1&2, TWGCC, KAUFMAN 1&2, CCC 123&4, ECM3
>I am not sure if this is every test suite out there but if i miss anything
>please let me know.

I suspect you missed a whole lot more..Including My own 'private test suite'
that has  predicted the rankings of SSDF for the past 3 years in a row [to the
nearest 5 elo points] ;P. Seriously, there are lots more , see post by dann
Corbit at

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