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Subject: Power Ches 98

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 17:30:57 03/18/98

Hi all, my friends:
Sierra has just delivered a new version of Power Chess, entitled with
the surname "98". It promises an stronger WChess engine and a lot of
inprovements, including the capability , absent in Power Chess, for
looking the thinking of the program, an esential thing for all us, I
believe. Is any of you the proud owner of this new program to tell us if
promises this times fits with reality? I mysefl have "old" Power Chess
and althought is plagued with bugs -it hangs after white castling and
you must do a series of weird salvatage operations to continue the game-
it's worthy just because the WChess engine. If there si somebody from
Sierra here, good would be if he tell us how much improved the engine
is, a rewritten or just the cleaning of some bugs. ┐Steve? Do you know
something? Enrique?

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